Patient and Family Advisory Council

What is a patient and family advisory council?

Health Central Hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Council is made up of 15-20 volunteers including former patients, caregivers and family members who meet monthly to promote and improve relationships between patients, families and team members. This council provides a way for patients and families to review or create hospital policies and programs, and to communicate with staff how Health Central is working for you.

Want to be a pioneer at Health Central?

We are seeking individuals to be part of our Patient and Family Advisory Council. Learn more at our next informational meeting. 

Join our team and help us improve our healthcare system for patients, family members and caregivers. A Patient and Family Advisory Council candidate is expected to: commit to a two-year term; attend 75 percent of meetings; be able to listen to diverse opinions and share different points of view; respect the ideas of others; speak comfortably in a group; get along with many different kinds of people; and work as part of a team.

To learn more or if you are interested in joining, call the Health Central Administration office at 407.296.1820.