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Internal Medicine Program

Internal medicine doctors (internists) provide preventive medical care, along with management of chronic conditions. At the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion – Winter Park, our team of internists has created a specialized Internal Medicine Program designed just for women in our community.

Our experts focus on preventive care through annual wellness visits, during which we assess each woman’s overall health, screen for common conditions and refer to specialists within the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion, as needed.

Our internal medicine team is also experienced in effectively managing the following chronic health conditions in women age 18 and older:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Renal (kidney) disease
  • Thyroid conditions

Care Focused Exclusively on Women

At the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion, our internal medicine specialists understand that some common health conditions, such as heart disease, occur with different symptoms in women than they do in men. Therefore, our Internal Medicine Program focuses exclusively on caring for women. Being seen by an internist who specializes in women may help you obtain a quicker, more accurate diagnosis for certain health conditions.

Since internists treat conditions that effect many different parts of the body, our experts work closely with specialty providers – including those in bone health, endocrinology, and OB/GYN – to ensure that all health conditions are effectively managed.

The Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion also offers radiology and lab services onsite. This means that in most cases, if your internist determines that you need imaging or lab work, you can get those services done on the same day as your internal medicine appointment. Working together as a multidisciplinary team, our providers can optimize your healthcare and help you live your life to the fullest.

Program Offerings

Our expert internal medicine providers offer a full range of healthcare services for women. Our specialty program offerings include:

  • Annual wellness exam. During your annual wellness exam, your internal medicine provider asks you questions about your health history, assesses your overall health and screens for certain health conditions.
  • Lifestyle modifications. If you have a chronic health condition or are at risk for developing one in the future, your internal medicine provider can help you understand lifestyle modifications you can make to keep you healthier. These changes may include eating a heart-healthy diet, exercising regularly and reducing stress in your daily life.
  • Medication management. If you have a chronic health condition, your internist may prescribe medication to keep it under control.
  • Preventive health screenings. Your internal medicine provider will recommend preventive health screenings, such as a bone scan, mammogram or colonoscopy, based on your unique needs and health history.

Patrice Marie Cates Lonberger

“Because some conditions can present differently in women than in men, we have to keep our ears and eyes open to certain symptoms as they pertain specifically to women.”

Dr. Patrice Cates-Lonberger