Fracture Repair

Chances are you or someone you know has broken a bone sometime in their life. It's very common and happens when you least expect it. There are several types of bone fractures. Some are simple and require a cast or immobilization. Other fractures need surgical intervention to realign and stabilize broken bones with plates, nails, screws or pins to repair the bone. Bone grafts may also be used to allow for proper healing or to speed the healing process.

After surgery, X-rays may be taken again through the cast or splint to evaluate if rejoined pieces remain in good position for healing. This is usually performed either before the application of the splint or at least before the patient is awakened from the general anesthesia.

Rehabilitation will begin shortly after surgery. Rehabilitation could include stretches, physical therapy and even strength training to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

In addition, Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) is a Level One Trauma Center with orthopedic surgeons available around the clock to provide immediate assessment and surgical intervention if necessary.