Thank you for being partners of Orlando Health and joining us on our mission of improving the health and quality of life of the individuals and communities we serve.

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Vendor Code of Conduct Vendors are expected to comply with Orlando Health's Code of Conduct as described in this policy.
Vendor Fire Safety Policy To ensure safety for all, fire safety guidelines are provided here.
Vendor Credentialing Orlando Health partners with GHX VendorMate to process vendors who visit designated Orlando Health campuses. Respective vendors will be directed to register via this site.
Marketplace for Select Bill Only Vendors This site is for the select Bill Only vendors who are currently set up and trained in our Orlando Health Marketplace.
Global Location Number Listing Listing of specific addresses that should be used for delivery and tracing of shipments, the respective GLN number should be used by vendors as the shipping account number when possible.
Purchase Terms and Conditions for Supplies Terms and Conditions as referred to in Orlando Health Purchase Orders.
Purchase Terms and Conditions for Capital Terms and Conditions as referred to in Orlando Health Capital Purchase Orders.